What to do if you are Covid Positive?

What to do if you are Covid Positive?

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What to do if you are Covid Positive?

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world and in India. The Corona second wave continues to add to the number of persons infected with the viruses. Due to the huge rise in the number of patients, hospitals are being overwhelmed and admission seems a difficult task. It seems time is the biggest factor in getting treated be it at home or in a hospital, once you are tested positive.

Before learning about what to do once you are tested positive for covid, let’s understand about COVID symptoms.

What are Some Emergency Symptoms of COVID?

covid symptoms

As per the reports, the symptoms range from mild symptoms to severe illness. Some of the symptoms that may become visible few days after exposure are high fever, coughing and shortness of breath. You should make it a point to get suitable medical attention immediately, if you get to notice any symptoms for COVID-19.

What to do After you are Tested Positive?

To begin with, you must consult your doctor for follow-up advice. Right from the medicines you would need to take to the dietary changes needed and the essential course needed to follow; a registered medical practitioner would guide you in the best possible way.

It is very important to isolate yourself from the ones around you to protect them from infection risk. If in case you have been advised home quarantine, you must follow all the essential rules.

On the basis of the symptoms and severity of infection, different patients may require different treatment plans. The need for Oxygen Concentrators is growing for treatment. Apart from this, having an oximeter, to check on your blood oxygen levels is vital.

You must try to avoid having any unnecessary visitors, particularly visits by people who are at higher risk for severe illness. You should keep the window open to increase air circulation. You need to note that improving ventilation helps remove respiratory droplets from the air.

How Long Should I Stay in Home Isolation if I Have the Coronavirus Disease?


Patient undergoing home isolation can end isolation after at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms. And, you must understand that there is no need to go for testing after the home isolation period is over.

Can You Test Positive for COVID Without Symptoms?

It is possible to be tested positive even without the COVID symptoms. If you continue to have no symptoms, you should not stay around other people since you had a positive viral test for COVID-19. If you are recommended testing, the healthcare provider will let you know when you can resume being around others. It will be determined based on your test results.

Could a Positive Test be Caused by Vaccination?

Vaccines can’t cause an infection directly. This is because they carry only part of the virus or the inactivated virus. In case you have tested positive after having received both doses of your vaccine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your vaccine didn’t work. It is important to note that the vaccines are designed to protect you from severe infection and mortality, even if they can’t prevent you from contracting the infection. It is likely that antibodies from vaccination provide at least partial protection from severe disease, and even with some of the more infective strains of the novel coronavirus.

Summing up:-

Due to the rising cases of coronavirus patients, you must take precautions. For example, wearing mask before stepping out is important. You need to know how to use face masks to protect from coronavirus. In fact, the person who is sick should also wear a mask when they are around other people at home.

If you are tested positive, you need not panic and instead learn about what to do if you are Covid positive? To know more about it, you may consult a medical professional.

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