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 Tips for Healthy Eyes

Your eyes are wonderful creations of the nature. How many megapixels does your phone-camera have? 5? 15? 30? Your eyes give you a view of 324 megapixels! Imagine how it would feel like to not have vision; to not being able to see all the colors and patterns. So, it’s very important to take good care of your eyes. Visit the best eye hospital in Hyderabad for better treatment options.

Eye Health Tips

Here are a few tips for healthy eyes.

First of all, stay informed. Awareness is a big part of maintaining proper hygiene and good health. So, read on to know the tips for healthy eyes.

  • You can incorporate a few food items into your diet to increase the longevity of your eyes good health. Leafy vegetables, carrots, sea foods are very good for your eyes.
  • Weigh down if you are obese or overweight. Being obese is directly related to diabetes and other chronic diseases which might lead to loss of vision.
  • Never underestimate the importance of safety equipment. Whether you are a swimmer or work in a chemical lab or a shooter, do not forget to wear your safety goggles. Ask your trainer if he has any additional tips for healthy eyes.
  • Family history is very important when it comes to your health. Find out if your family members have had certain eye issues like Glaucoma. If they had, chances are, you will have those too. They might even help you with specific tips for healthy eyes.
  • Smoking and alcohol are very harmful for your eyes. People who smoke and drink are more at a risk of suffering from damage of the optic nerve and developing a cataract. Abstain from these habits as far as you can.
  • Rest your eyes. Never spend too long working your eyes on the computer screen or any other electronic screen. Even reading a book or stitching or driving for too long at a stress, is stressful for your eyes. Take a 20 seconds break after every two minutes. This is one of those very important tips for healthy eyes which will protect your eyes tremendously.
  • Along with resting your eyes, you might also consider doing some eye exercises. Sports is a good way to work your eyes out. Exercises keep your eyes healthy and young.
  • Sleep well. Despite your frequent 20 seconds break, your eyes need a long rest after a tiring day. Whether you go to office or not, your eyes are at work all through your waking time. Sleeping will give your eyes the rest they deserve.
  • Wash your eyes regularly. Splash cool, clean water to rinse your eyes. You can even use eye drops to calm your eyes occasionally. Never forget to wipe your eye makeup before bed every night.
  • Tips for healthy eyes also include clean your contact lenses well. Use proper cleaning gel or liquid to wash or disinfect them.
  • Watch out for expiry dates of eye drops and makeups. After the expiry date, the products become toxic. Throw out expired products.
  • Don’t ignore eye issues. If you have any discomfort in your eyes or if you have troubled vision, go to a ophthalmologist at the earliest. Do not opt for any home remedies without the consent of an authorised personnel.
  • Even if you do not have any eye issues, it’s always wise to go for regular eye checkups. Some eye issues like glaucoma do not show prior symptoms. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you have the chance of developing any eye disease soon.

Eye Health Supplements

The gift of vision cannot be regained once lost. Even with the most advanced medical technologies, many cases of lost vision cannot be undone, even if a donor can be found. Eyes are precious. Take good care of your eyes and follow the tips for healthy eyes.

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