Shoulder Dislocation – An Overview

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 Shoulder Dislocation – An Overview

Our shoulders carry the weight of the arms and maintain the balance along with the movement.

Now imagine if the head of the humerus is removed forcibly from its socket in the glenoid fossa. Confused? That is commonly called as shoulder dislocation.

Shoulder Dislocation

It is highly possible to dislocate the shoulder in any possible direction for that matter and described depending totally on the location of the humeral head after it has been dislocated. More than 95% of shoulder dislocations are anterior. This shoulder dislocation causes the humeral head to move to a position in front of the joint.

Another type of shoulder dislocation is posterior dislocations. This kind of  shoulder dislocation causes the humeral head to move backward to the shoulder blade.

Shoulder Dislocation Causes:

Trauma is one of the primary shoulder dislocation causes which is seen in most people. High intensity sports such as basketball, badminton and even volleyball can be one of the shoulder dislocation causes for youngsters and young adults as well.

Shoulder Dislocation Causes

For the older people, the severe wear and tear and gradual weakening of the ligaments and cartilage that supports the shoulder qualifies to be one of the shoulder dislocation causes.

Shoulder Dislocation Symptoms:

The primary shoulder dislocation symptom is pain. It hurts when the shoulder gets dislocated as when the humerus gets forcibly separated from the socket, several ligaments and tendons tend to get stretched and torn as well.

Due to this pain, the person will not be able to move the shoulder in any direction.

Shoulder Dislocation Symptoms

Apart from the pain, other shoulder dislocations symptoms include, vomiting and nausea as well along with sweating, lightheadedness and also some sort of weakness and might result in fainting.

Shoulder Dislocation Treatments: 

For any kind of condition or injury, there is bound to be a treatment. Similarly shoulder dislocation treatments are of many types depending on various factors, specifically the level of damage and also the extent of the dislocation. The decision for implementing various shoulder dislocation treatments rest solely on the patient and also on the doctor depending on the injury.

The various shoulder dislocation treatments are:

  • Scapular Manipulation: The patient is made to sit upright where this shoulder dislocation treatment will be most effective. The doctors try to rotate the shoulder blade in order to dislodge the humeral head, resulting in immediate relocation.
  • External Relocation: In this method of shoulder dislocation treatment, the patient is made to lie down and the doctor flexes the elbow to 90 degrees gradually rotating the shoulder outward.
  • Stimson Technique: The patient is made to lie on their stomach in this type of shoulder dislocation treatment and the injured or dislocated arm is draped to one side of the bed with a weight attached to it. This eventually results in reducing of spasms as well as the shoulder joint.
  • Open Reduction: In many cases, when closed reduction methods do not work, there is another shoulder dislocation treatment method which is used. Open reduction is an operation done on the patient when a tendon or a ligament prevents the return of the humeral head into the glenoid.

Apart from these shoulder dislocation treatments, there are also medications which are prescribed by doctors before or after these methods so as to reduce the pain and the spasms on a temporary basis. It is important to know the shoulder dislocation symptoms and what is causing it so that the right treatment can be given.

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