Art of living and Yoga

Your lifestyle is hectic, due to which there are several ailments you face. One way to calm your mind and channelise your energy is by opting for yoga.  The word Yoga is derived from a sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means the union of individual consciousness (the soul) with the universal consciousness (the spirit). It is a 5000-year-old practice that helps attain knowledge, wisdom and health. At Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, we have one of the best yoga centers in Hyderabad.

Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Yoga is not just simple breathing techniques and postures but a Holistic way of life which brings together all elements that yoga as a whole involves, in the upliftment of an individual. Yoga helps create discipline mentally and physically by uniting the body, mind and the soul with the simple, and effective yoga postures and breathing techniques. There is also a great emphasis on meditation, which helps in the well-being of the mind. At Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals’ yoga centers, we believe that “Good health is not just the absence of a disease. It is a vital expression of life which deals with how calm, happy, and enthusiastic an individual is.” Yoga helps in improving life through postures, pranayama or breathing techniques and meditation which are combinations of a holistic fitness package.

At Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, we have eminent yoga professionals who conduct yoga and pranayama classes everyday. If you are looking for more details and timings about the yoga centers at different branches, you can call us or post a query to us and we shall get back to you with the information.

So hurry up and get yourself a healthier and stronger lifestyle. Live healthy with Sri Sri Yoga centers.