Hospital for Dietetics and Nutrition in Hyderabad

Food and nutrition is the most essential source of basic energy that the human body needs. That’s when food comes into the picture. Food that is rich in vitamins and other minerals breaks down into glucose, and proteins with the help of digestive juices and turns into energy. When a person is under treatment, they usually become weak due to less intake of certain minerals. The Nutrition and Dietetics Departments at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals plays a vital role in providing the required amount of food for the patient to gain energy. Apart from keeping a check on inpatients of the hospital, our department of nutrition and dietetics also caters to out-patients with certain problems which require a close check on their diet.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Sri Sri Holistic Hospital:
The nutrition and dietetics department at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals is headed and managed by a team of skilled dietitians in Hyderabad, who start their consultation with a close analysis of the patient’s previous medical records and current health condition. They provide healthy nutrition and diet plans custom-made as per the patient’s needs and health conditions. All the dietitians employed at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals hold national and international qualifications, and are registered to practice with the Health Professions Council.

A number of health problems can make it difficult in gaining the required amount of essential minerals and that’s when you need an external monitoring force to help create a balance. The nutrition and dietetics team at Sri Sri Holistic work towards offering a broad range of specialized services including special diet charts considering the following:

  • Nutritional support and tube feeding.
  • Nutrition for lactating women.
  • Diet for Diabetic patients.
  • Pediatric diet plan.
  • Obesity (weight loss diet).
  • Cancers.
  • Gastric problems.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

If you have been facing any health condition that has your system being troubled, or are looking for a diet monitoring for any of the above reasons, you are just a call away. You can get in touch with the department of nutrition and dietetics at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals and consult our dietitians.