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Health is not the mere absence of disease, it is being established in the self, it is the dynamic expression of life.

H H – Sri sri Ravishankar
Sri Sri Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is one ofthe allied health professions that, by using mechanical force and movements (bio-mechanics or kinesiology), manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy, remediates impairments and promotes mobility and function. Physical therapy is used to improve a patient’s quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, physical intervention, and patient education
Our department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation synthesizes neurology, cardiopulmonary, orthopaedic, and critical care facilities forthe speedy recovery of patients

Some of the common treatment methods used by physiotherapists include:
• Exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles
• Mobility and functional training
• Airwayclearancetechniques and breathing exercises
• Joint manipulation and mobilisation to reduce pain and stiffness
• Soft tissue mobilization.
• Kinesiologytaping
• Manualtherapy
• Muscle re-education to improve control
• Electrotherapy
• Child developmental therapy
• Cardiac and neuro rehabilitation

Sri Sri DE-addiction Centre

This is a centerthat uses yogictechniques to get rid of old habits and behaviour patterns. Be it like eating habits or sleep patterns, or more complex problems like panic attacks or depression or habits that produce physical dependence like smoking, alcohol and drug dependence. The deaddiction center also uses ayurvedic detox techniques and sometimes allopathic drugs to come out of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. The AOL has experience of running a large number of deaddcition programs and also has hardcore drug deaddiction centers.

Sri Sri
Yoga & Meditation Centre

Stress is the root cause of most diseases. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise and motivation are also related to stress. This program teaches you a technique that alleviates the practitioner from stress-related problems, deeply relaxes the mind & rejuvenates the system. Regular practice of the technique can transform the quality of one’s life, by culturing the system to maintain the peace, energy and expanded awareness throughout the day. These meditation techniques combined with yogic practices can ensure good health and a calm mind.
Meditation is a process of allowing the conscious mind to settle deeply in the self, giving it rest. When the mind settles down, it helpsto let go of all accumulated tension, making one healthy and focused.

Sri Sri Holistic Health
Care Skill Development Centre

Holistic healthcare training center is to Create a holistic vision in to vocational educations and skill development in to health care system.

Sri Sri Ayurveda & Panchakarma

AYURVEDIC DETOXIFICATION (PanchaKarma at a glance) Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means “five actions” or”five treatments”. These procedures cleanse the body by eliminating deep rooted toxins accumulated in the body over a period of time due to improper nutrition and diseases. This five-fold therapy given below is highly individualized based on ayurvedic constitutional type, doshic imbalances, digestive strength, age and many other factors. Panchakarma aids in alleviating the diseases and is a useful tool in maintaining excellent health.
• VAMANA : therapeutic herb -induced vomiting /emesis
• VIRECHANA :therapeutic herb-induced purgation
• BASTI: medicated oil and decoction enema
• NASYA : administration of medicine through nose
• RAKTAMOKSHANA : blood-letting
There are also several adjunct treatments which are disease and condition specific and bring about a holistic relief to the patient.
Some of these include:

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Cooking Classes

Music Therapy

Through listening and playing music as well as song writing and singing, pain among patients reduces. Music therapy can help to relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety for the patient, resulting in physiological changes, including: Improved respiration. Lower blood pressure.

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