Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals at Nizampet

Sri Sri Holistic is a leading multi-specialty Hospital in Hyderabad started by a group of 15 like-minded senior medical professionals. We at Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, believe in patient satisfaction with commitment towards medical excellence and helping people live better.

Holistic Mission:

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to lead, and become a benchmark for providing holistic treatment solutions with care and compassion.

At Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, we have medical professionals who have extensive experience in treating people with a wide spectrum of symptoms. They are skilled in providing accurate diagnosis and treatments for symptoms that might lead to complications of health as a whole. Our medical and non-medical staff utilises equipments which are properly sanitised before using them for patients. We offer 24/7 emergency and critical care services, along with medical staff taking timely ward rounds and monitoring the inpatients.

Panchakarma Program:

Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals is heading towards the forefront of research and has introduced latest treatment methods in best interest of the patients. We provide a broad spectrum of allopathic and holistic therapies in Hyderabad, including yoga and meditation. Our aim is to promote lifestyle changes in order to help patients improve their health physically as well as mentally by stress relief meditation and yoga postures. Sri Sri Holistic is the first Hospital to introduce yoga and meditation for employees along with patients. We have an entire floor dedicated for Panchakarma Programs with eminent masters of yoga conducting and teaching yoga.

We also provide post-surgery care and counseling for inpatients and outpatients, and also encourage them to attend the yoga and meditation sessions as a part of our Panchakarma Program.