Nephrology is the area in modern medicine that involves the diagnosis and treatment kidney ailments. A nephrologist diagnoses and decides the treatment for this of kidney disease, by balancing fluids in the body, regulating blood pressure, electrolytes, and administering dialysis. Nephrologists treat different kidney disorders that also are acid-base disorders, electrolyte disorders, nephrolithiasis which is commonly knows as kidney stones, hypertension or (high blood pressure), acute kidney disorder and last-stage of renal disease. Other kidney related ailments include acquired conditions such as autoimmune diseases (e.g., lupus) and systemic vasculitides, as well as congenital or genetic conditions such as polycystic kidney disease.

Nephrology Blogs

  • 8 Signs of Kidney Stones 8 Signs of Kidney Stones
    What are Kidney Stones? Kidney stones are made up of salt and minerals such as calcium or uric acid. They can be found in the kidney and can also be found ...
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