Myths and Facts about Cataract

Myths and Facts about Cataract

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We have often seen our parents and even grandparents ask us to read them the headlines from the paper or even read them a book right or maybe tell them the score of a cricket match on TV, right? Eyesight is everyone’s aging friend and cataract is everyone’s aging enemy.  We all have heard of Cataract. It is a condition affecting eyesight and visibility for people who are usually above 40 years of age.

How does cataract occur?

Some of us may be under the impression that external causes may be resulting in cataract. That is true though many of us may not know this.  When the lens of the eyes, which is placed behind the pupil, grows older and lens proteins get dehydrated. This in turn causes the lens to become yellow and cloudy as well which becomes a hindrance to vision or sight. The classic signs of cataracts are blurred vision and fuzzy images.  The sole reason or factor which causes cataract is not age. Apart from the factor of age, eye injuries, diabetes and and certain medications also cause cataract.  Even though in the initial stages, strong lighting and even eye glasses may help with vision, but at some point of time, a cataract surgery will be necessary to cure the condition.

Some of the Myths and Facts of Cataract Eye drops prevent or dissolve Cataracts:

This is one of the most popular myths surrounding cataracts. But the fact is even though cataracts cause blurred vision and unclear imagery, eye drops do not dissolve and eradicate cataracts as such.

Reading/Watching TV from a close distance worsens it:

While you would be tempted to believe that reading or watching TV from a very short distance will cause your cataract condition to worsen, it’s not true. You might end up wearing thicker glasses, but your cataract will not be affected because of that.

Cataract surgeries are dangerous and take a lot of time to recover from:

This myth is the most misunderstood one. Contrary to this popular misconception, cataract surgery is one of the safest surgeries performed all over the world with a 95% success rate. Recovery of cataract surgery is almost immediate. Daily activities are resumed one day after the surgery and the signs of cataract disappear after almost three weeks post the surgery. Heavy activities and rubbing of eyes are not supposed to be done for a while post the surgery. Hence cataract surgery recovery takes some time but is foolproof.  In the end, the causes of cataract leading to the signs of cataract are interrelated as is the same with all diseases and conditions. It is very important to consult an ophthalmologist to make sure that the signs of cataract are diagnosed early so that the treatment is done in a more effective way.

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