Knock Knee Treatment – An Overview

Knock Knee Treatment – An Overview

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Knock knees.

Wondering what this is?


When your knees are bent inwards, they ‘knock’ against each other. That’s when you’d have knock knees. It is a common deformity which happens during the early stages of development after birth.

However, treatment of knocked knees is also very common and effective, but the key point here is that, the knocked knee treatment should start immediately after the condition is diagnosed. If kept waiting, the condition might be permanent.

Causes for the Knock Knee Disease

There are a number of causes for knock knee, primarily, when the bone of a baby is affected.

  • It is caused due to uncontrolled obesity, which can be a factor to trigger many of the diseases.
  • Certain external injuries and accidents which affect the knees and the legs adversely.
  • Caused due to osteoarthritis and arthritis.
  • Birth defects


 Symptoms of Knock Knee Disease

Knock knee is evident. But, apart from the obvious visual symptoms, there are certain other ways to diagnose the disease.

  • Severe pain on both the knees or one of the knees, with or without motion.
  • Pain in  the other parts of the body as the knees are close and the ankles do not meet. There is no coordination between the bones and the joints, resulting in pain.
  • There  is no balance while walking or standing. Hence, it is likely that one might fall or atleast tumble, while in motion.
  • An Involuntary action of limping while walking due to the deformity and the bad structure of the bone formation.


Diagnosis of the Knock Knee Disease

Children below the age of seven, their knees are often in the shape of knocked knees but it doesn’t mean they will have the particular deformity. In the cases where there are children below the age of seven involved, it is very normal to have a knocked knee. But, it does not necessarily characterised as a disease. Hence, diagnosing a case of knocked knees requires years of experience and expertise such as the doctors at Sri Sri Hospitals have. It is not always possible to identify knocked knees just by following the symptoms as they can be misleading at times.  Hence, for an affirmative knock knees treatment, the following ways of diagnosis are done to ascertain the cause:

  • X-rays are used to get an image of the knee and the joint from within.
  • MRI Scanning is also required at times, to know about the composition and the bone structure of the knees.
  • A doctor, apart from medical tests, also checks the alignment of the knees, thighs and the ankles, making a person suffering from the knock knees disease to stand, purely for clinical observation.

Treatment for Knock Knee Disease

There are various knock knee treatments available. Some of the them are as follows:

  • The first option for every doctor depending on the age and the severity of the disease is to provide medication as the knock knee treatment.
  •  A Physiotherapist will  train the patient with various types of exercises, which will help a person in the coordinated movement of his legs. This is a critical part of knock knee treatment.
  • Weight loss is another factor which contributes towards the knock knee treatment. An efficient diet which ensures weight loss can speed up the recovery process.
  • Orthotics (external devices that aid recovery) is one of the most trusted ways of knock knees treatment. Most the doctors advise their patients to opt for customised shoes, which helps in the improvement of the gait, in people who affected by the knock knee disease.


Sometimes, in cases of acute knock knee conditions, the patient is asked to go for a surgery. For children, the  surgery called as the guided growth surgery and is used to help the bone grow in the correct direction. This is done by placing a small metallic piece into the knees.

Bone deformities are very difficult to deal with at a later stage. It is always better to get their children diagnosed for knocked knees so that their child can live a better quality of life as they grow up.  Visit or Book an Appointment at Sri Sri Hospitals to consult with our doctors about the course of action in case your child has knocked knees.

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