First Aid Tips For Common Eye Injuries

First Aid Tips For Common Eye Injuries

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Have you ever given a thought at how well protected your eyes are? I mean, the air is filled with dust particles; tiny insects are always flying around – yet, it’s very rare that something goes in your eyes. Even when we do some cleaning chores, it only takes a little squinting and you can work with ease.

Your eyelids are probably the smartest ones when it comes to reflex actions. Be it dust, or an insect, or a strong wind or a flashy light or even a sudden blow – your eyes are almost always protected.

Why are the eyes designed like this? Because eyes are very sensitive and extremely important at the same time. This is why, an orbit of skull bones, a pair of eyebrows, and a pair of superfast eyelids always stand guard.


But when nothing works and you injure your eyes, what do you do? You go to the doctor, yes. But before that, try some first aid for eye injuries. The type of aid depends on what issues you are having with your eye. So, be careful and don’t swap one aid for a different type of injury.

Here are a few tips regarding first aid for eye injuries:

  • Let’s start off with the serious one. Call for emergency health care services if you have pierced your eye or something solid is sticking out of your eye or you are having a vision problem. DO NOT try anything by your own.
  • Now, for those which you can handle at your home, the most basic of all tips of first aid for eye injuries is that you never rub your eyes. Whatever may be the issue, rubbing will never help; rather, it might cause further damage.
  • If something external has gone inside your eye, try these first aids for eye injuries.
  • Try flushing it out with water.
  • If it is still there, pull the upper eyelid down, and start blinking and rolling your eyes around. It would expose the object if not take it out.
  • Do not force anything. Visit a doctor if none of these work.
  • If it a chemical exposure, start rinsing with water. Do it continually for 15-20 minutes. Seek medical attention even if you don’t feel discomfort any longer after trying this first aid for eye injuries.
  • If you had a blow in the eye,
  • Use something cold to compress the eye lightly; do not put pressure.
  • Visit a doctor if you see bruising, bleeding or have difficulty in vision.
  • If it’s a cracker injury, wash your eyes with copious amounts of water and consult a doctor immediately.

It’s common that people practice a lot of first aids for eye injuries. While this is very appreciable, you should know how to properly do it and also should know when to go to a specialist.

Wash Your Eyes

Eyes are precious; be careful!

Prevention is better than cure. Hence wear your helmet while driving and goggles to prevent from dust.

While playing with crackers be careful not to injure your eyes. Put your protective glasses on. Be safe.

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