Facts about Eye Cancer

Facts about Eye Cancer

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Cancer is in itself one of the scariest words any person can ever hear on this planet. What is even scarier is the fact that cancer spares no organ. Now if cancer cells affect some of the sensitive parts or organs of the body, like the eyes, it becomes worse to handle. One of the major eye cancer facts is that eye cancer is a common type of cancer in India but it is quite unknown. Most people are unaware about the symptoms and causes of eye cancer, and also the treatment. Eye cancer is the development of a tumour due to uncontrollable growth or massing of cells in any part of the eye. So, please visit eye hospital in Hyderabad for treatment of your eyes.


To combat any kind of disease one must be aware about it, hence here are some eye cancer facts everyone should know about:

Statistics: One of the most important eye cancer facts is how common the disease of eye cancer is. Out of 5000 cases of eye cancer in the world, 1000 are from India. The age group commonly seen who are susceptible for eye cancer in India is one to four years of age.

Types of Eye Cancer: Eye cancer appears in two types. Primary and Secondary. Primary eye cancer is the type of cancer which develops only in various parts of the eyes whereas secondary eye cancer occurs in different parts of the body but eventually affects the eyes as well.

Eye cancer causes: Some of the most common eye cancer causes range from hereditary causes to excessive exposure to UV radiations. Excessive eye strain can also contribute as eye cancer causes.Infections like HIV are associated with eye cancers.

Symptoms of eye cancer: Another eye cancer fact which needs to be taken care of are the symptoms of eye cancer. In adults, the symptoms of eye cancer can be loss of peripheral vision, change in colour of the iris, blurred vision, sagginess of the eyes along with pain and redness. In children however, severe pain in the eye is a common symptom along with whitened pupils and development of glaucoma.

Eye Cancer treatments: Eye cancer treatment is another eye cancer fact can be done in three ways which are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The choice of these eye cancer treatments can be decided by the doctor depending on the vastness of the disease, type and size of the cancer and also the age of the patient.  In a country like India, where eye diseases and cancer is a common, the knowledge about it is still minimal. Hence, we at Sri Sri hospitals aim to educate people about cancer.

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