DR Ravi Chander Chintala
  • SpecialityConsultant Urologist & Andrologist
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DR Ravi Chander Chintala

Dr. Ravi Chander Chintala is one of the most valuable doctors at Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals. He is a part of our expert Urology team. He has been in the field of Urology for more than 5 years now. However, he also has a degree in General Surgery and has been performing surgeries of various complexities since 2007. He is a specialist in both open and laparoscopic procedures, endoscopic surgeries and many more. He has experience in dealing with Paediatric Urology as well.

He has secured the 1st rank & highest mark in the NIMS UROLOGY ENTRANCE in 2009. He took a wise decision and did not keep his knowledge and expertise limited to only treating the diseased or injured – he has successfully tried his hand in bringing new techniques of performing a surgery and has written various papers and publications on his observations and experience. He has been acclaimed for his role as an instructor during the time he spend in teaching the aspiring young doctors and surgeons.

Dr. Ravi Chander Chintala attends various conferences and workshops to keep himself updated of the latest trends and technologies which develop in the field of medicine so that he can provide his patients with more efficient treatment and more comfortable recovery.