Do You See The Numbers? No? Read More On Colour Blindness

Do You See The Numbers? No? Read More On Colour Blindness

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  • Do You See The Numbers? No? Read More On Colour Blindness

Colour blindness, unlike what the name suggests, is not a form of blindness, instead, as ophthalmologists describe, is a deficiency. When a person has colour blindness, he or she is not able to identify the differences between the various composite colours, which are naturally formed.

Colour Blindness Test

Causes of Colour Blindness:

  • Colour blindness is caused because of the light sensitive cells in the retina are not able to differentiate between the various wavelengths of colour which when combined with other colours and form different shades.
  • It is primarily caused due to the deficiency in the rods and cones that are a part of your eyes. The rods and the cones are responsible in having a good vision and to differentiate between the various colours. There are over seven million rods and cones cells, in the eyes. But once the cells become dysfunctional and they do not help us see things, in the colour and composition as it is supposed to be in.
  • Parkinson’s disease is another reason for colour blindness, where the cells which are light sensitive are damaged and this damages the retina.
  • Kallman’s syndrome is another cause for colour blindness. The disease takes place when one’s pituitary gland is affected and this results in improper formation of the gender organs, which results in poor rods and cones, contributing to the deficiency.
  • Medication for Epilepsy is one of the reasons for colour blindness. Some of the drugs which are used for the disease, contribute towards the improper functioning of the rods and cones.
  • Sometimes, colour blindness is caused due to various genetic factors that pass on the colour blindness deficiency to their children.

Symptoms of Colour blindness:

There are not too many symptoms to suggest that a person is colorblind. However, if there are various shades and combinations of a colour, the person suffering from colour blindness, will not be able to able to differentiate between the the various shades of the same colour.

Colour Blindness Difference

Treatment for Colour Blindness

  • A gene therapy session was experimented on monkeys in the United States, a couple of years back and it did help in the treatment of colour blindness. But, there is no treatment for colour blindness in India. Hence, one has to live with it. But, there are certain therapies which are being worked upon to treat colour blindness. One such therapy which is being practised by teachers and counsellors is to show various shades of the same colour and different colours and thereafter, teaching the students on how to differentiate between them.
  • There are colour blindness lenses in some countries, which are being suggested to be used by the doctors to patients who suffer from colour blindness and it is believed to have help the patients suffering from the deficiency.
  • If diagnosed early we can guide upon their employment opportunities.

Your eyes are precious. So, if you think you have the symptoms of colour blindness, book an appointment with us and we will be able to assist you.


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