Cataract: An Overview

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 Cataract: An Overview

Vision is one of the best things that you are bestowed with. If you really think about it, if you did not have vision, you would not be able to function properly. Vision is not something you can afford to lose.

But then again, everything does not go the way we want them to. Cataract is one such disease which threatens your vision.

Here’s all you need to know about cataract.

What is cataract?

What is Cataract

When you reach an advanced age, the lens of your eyes might get clouded which is visible from outside. This leads to decrease in vision. Cataracts are a progressive eye condition. It can affect one or both the eyes.

What are the causes of eye cataract?

There can be many causes of eye cataract. While some factors cause cataract directly, others increase the chance of getting a cataract. Here are the causes of eye cataract:

Age: The chances of developing cataract increases with increasing age. When you live for a longer span of time, you are also exposed to the hurdles of life longer. As you age, your body degenerates gradually and so do the lens of your eyes.

Congenital: Children might be born with cataract in their eyes because of various reasons. Causes of eye cataract in infants might be due to an infection or an injury or poor development in the womb.

Trauma: Blunt trauma in your eyes might lead to formation of white portions in your lens. If the injury penetrated the eye, it makes an easy passage for foreign materials to seep in and form cloudy cataract in your eyes..

Smoking and alcohol: Smoking doubles your chance of getting affected by cataract. However, the effect of alcohol on cataract is still under research. But why take a chance? Abstain from alcohol and smoking.

Radiation: People who are exposed to radiation as a part of their job placements or someone who has been hit wrongly with the radiation from an imaging technique like X-ray, might also develop a cataract eventually.

Genetic: Cataract has a genetic component in it. If a close relative has had cataract, chances are, you will have it too.

Secondary causes: Other causes like previous operation in the eye, diabetes, certain medications, high blood pressure etc. might also lead to cataract or increase the chances of you getting a cataract.

What are the symptoms of eye cataract?

Symptoms of Eye Cataract

Cataracts develop slowly. You might not even notice that you have cataract until it starts blurring or blocking you vision. Look out for the following symptoms of eye cataract:

  • Blurred or foggy or cloudy vision
  • Problems in night vision
  • Double vision in the affected eye(s)
  • Changes in the way you see colour
  • General difficulty in vision or with your assistive vision devices like spectacles or lenses.

What are your options for cataract treatment?

Mild cases of cataract can be treated with glasses. But in most cases, cataracts are not detected early which is why, often, surgery becomes the only option. However, the surgeries are not very complicated and most patients can go home within 24 hours.

There is not conclusive way by which you can prevent cataract. The easy way to deal with cataract is early diagnosis. And that can be done only when you Visit your Doctor regularly. Visit an Opthamologist at least once a year and twice as you start ageing.


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