Can Cold Weather and Snow Help the Spread of Coronavirus?

Can Cold Weather and Snow Help the Spread of Coronavirus?

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  • Can Cold Weather and Snow Help the Spread of Coronavirus?
Can Cold Weather and Snow Help the Spread of Coronavirus?

With the COVID-19 virus hitting the world hard, we are hoping for a miracle to stop the virus right on its tracks. Can a change of temperature help in this scenario? Warm weather did not change things so, can the cold weather change things? But the point is, do we have an answer to this question yet? There is still no evidence that a change of temperature, a switch from warmer to cold weather can gradually slow down the impact of COVID-19. What we need to follow is be mindful of the symptoms and if we suffer from any of the symptoms, it is important to contact a reliable and reputable hospital such as Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals to stay safe and healthy.

In some cases cold weather can make people more susceptible to the virus. As, cold weather means dry air. Dry air gives easier access to the airways. As the air dries out, the lungs may dry the surface of the airways, namely, nose, throat, and lungs, and then miss out on the protective layer of the mucus. This gives ready access to our cells and enters our body easily.

Can Cold Weather and Snow Help the Spread of Coronavirus?

Viruses such as influenza see a change on a seasonal basis, and the flu season is seen around the winter season. But common flu is not the novel coronavirus, so it is difficult to say whether COVID-19 will behave in the same way as the common flu.

Each virus is different and they have a different effect on our airways, each one structurally and genetically different.

When the weather is cold and dry, people put on their heater and this dries up the room and consequently their respiratory systems. And because of the ongoing pandemic people are practicing social distancing and staying in their homes, more than they would do normally and this makes them more prone to the virus.

Transmission is especially possible between people who live in close-contact under the same roof. This has been noted in China, especially in the earlier days of the epidemic, when the transmission was found in households and it proves that close indoor contact increases the risk for transmission.

Whatever may be the weather, the only way to contain the pandemic is by following the social distancing guideline and what’s more it can also keep you safe from other infectious viruses.

The Possibility of COVID-19 Overlapping With the Flu Season?

There is a distinct possibility of clashing of the flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic and what’s more there can be a possibility of the existence of both. It is said people suffering from influenza may already have weak immunity and hence it may make them more prone to suffer from the condition.

With the advent of the colder climate, there will a massive burden on the healthcare system as there would be a chance of people suffering from both influenza and COVID-19 cases at the same time.

The existence of both cases can lead to more issues and the complication arising from both the conditions will be a cause for concern for the health care system.

How Can People Protect themselves During the Winter Season?

Follow the guidelines as stated by the government. This is the only way that one can stop the transmission both from airborne and contact transmissions. These are some of the things to take into account and follow diligently, such as the following,

  1. Maintain social distancing –

Social Distancing
What is Social distancing? Stay at home and don’t venture out of the safe confines of your home, unless absolutely essential. Order online, as your essential things are being delivered to your home, be it medicines or food items. Make use of that and follow the guidelines responsibly.

  1. Wash your hands –

Wash your hands as often as possible, and spend at least twenty seconds to disinfect your hands with either regular soap and water or with a sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

  1. Hide your coughs –

At the crook of your elbow, as it can spread the infection. If you are using a handkerchief or a napkin, ensure you dispose of the napkin carefully and wash the handkerchief properly.

  1. Don’t come out if you are sick –

Ensure you avoid the public places, if you are unwell. Protect yourself and also the others, this will help stop the pandemic from spreading any further.

  1. Sanitize the common surfaces –

The essentials you receive, the things you touch regularly, such as your gadgets, those should be wiped clean with disinfectants to keep the virus away.

Before the onset of summer, everyone was hopeful that the hot and humid weather may stop the virus from spreading further. But the COVID-19 virus proved us wrong, so there is no reason to believe that cold weather and the snow can stop the virus right in its tracks. Just ensure your immune system is strong enough to fight the virus and for that, keep your stress levels low, take enough water, eat well and leave processed food out of your diet and let’s hope the COVID-19 virus lets us be and we remain hail and hearty and get back to living our lives as we did in the pre-COVID-19 days.