Best Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy You Should Be Aware Of

Best Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy You Should Be Aware Of

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Best Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy You Should Be Aware Of

Sleeping is easy right and if you are tired and pregnant, all you need is a bed and you will be transported to the world of relaxation. But, it isn’t that easy, well the first trimester may prove to be easier to get some quality ZZZ. But women have trouble sleeping in the latter half of their pregnancy period; say the last trimester, deep restful sleep is then not a given and more elusive than ever. It is important to consult a doctor from the best gynaecology and obstetrics hospital to get all your queries related to pregnancy answered.

Why Sleeping is Difficult During Pregnancy? Importance of Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Why does sleep prove to be so elusive in the three trimesters, well it is the growing fetus that creates a hurdle between you and restful sleep. The doctor-recommended, side-sleeping position may not be the ideal position for most women who are used to sleeping on the back. Also, moving from one sleeping position to the next becomes increasingly difficult in the pregnancy trimesters.

Other common physical symptoms that hamper quality sleep are as follows,

  1. When you need to pee every minute:

Well, maybe it is exaggerated. But your kidneys indeed have to work doubly hard to pump increase volume of blood through your body during pregnancy, the hard-working filtering system increases urine volume. Also, the increasing fetus puts pressure on your bladder. The frequent night-time trips to your bathroom hamper your sleep schedule.

  1. Increases heart rate:

Your heart rate increases as it pumps more blood, and as more blood supply reaches your uterus, your heart works super hard to send more blood to the rest of your body.

  1. Breath shortness:

You may feel it is more difficult to breathe during pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones may have something to do with it. As the uterus increases in size, it pressurizes the diaphragm (the muscle found below your lungs).

  1. The backache issue:

Leg cramps and backaches are real issues during pregnancy. The body produces a hormone called relaxin, this hormone helps in childbirth and loosens ligaments in your body, and this can make you susceptible to back issues and leg cramps.

  1. Acidity issues:

Pregnancy slows down the digestive system; the food stays in your stomach for a longer period. This leads to heartburn or constipation. The growing uterus presses on the stomach.

  1. Stress can impact your sleep too:

Many women feel unduly stressed during the pregnancy period. They may suffer from anxiety issues and this keeps them awake at night.

Find the Best Sleeping Position

  • Sleeping on Your Back

Can you lay on your right side while pregnant? The first sleep rule that you must follow is to avoid sleeping on your back, especially in the last two semesters. Your heavy abdomen and uterus can press down on the major vein and helps the blood to transfer from the lower body to your heart. You may feel lightheaded and dizzy if you lie on your back and may interfere with the delivery of valuable nutrients to the placenta and the fetus. Not only this, but you may suffer from other problems such as back pain, breathing difficulties, decreased circulation and so on.

  • Sleeping on Your Stomach

After the fifth month of pregnancy, you cannot even think of sleeping on your tummy. Also, you may be worried that this position may hurt your baby. It may be safe to sleep in this position, but it may not prove to be very comfortable.

  • Sleeping on Your Side

Why is it uncomfortable to sleep on my left side while pregnant? Your expanding uterus may have something to do with it. Everyone advises you to “Sleep on your side,” when you are pregnant as it is the best position to sleep during your pregnancy. This takes the pressure off your liver and allows the blood flow to reach your growing fetus. Always keep your knees bent with your pillows propped up for comfort. This position is beneficial for your kidneys and eliminates waste and fluids from your body keeping your ankles, feet, and hands from swelling.

Best Tips for Sound Sleep during Pregnancy

To get quality ZZZs during pregnancy you can seek help from several hacks such as over-the-counter sleep aids, herbal remedies, but these may not be safe for everyone, so it is best to seek advice from your health care practitioner from the multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad to ensure sound sleep. Take a look at the following tips to sleep well right into the last month of pregnancy.

  • Say no to caffeine –

Eliminate soda, coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages from your diet or at least reduce and restrict the amount and keep the intake in the morning.

  • Restrict fluids at night –

Stay hydrated, but ensure you do not drink too much water at night time as it will ensure you make more trips to the bathroom. Also, you must eat a small dinner; have smaller meals throughout the day instead of having large meals as it will impact your digestion keeping you gassy and awake at night.

  • Maintain a sleep schedule –

Try and sleep at the right time at night and wake up at the same time every morning. Do something relaxing before going to bed; you can even drink a glass of milk which contains tryptophan ensuring you get proper sleep.

  • Learn relaxation techniques –

Yoga and meditation techniques can help you relax after a hectic day. Of course, you have to check with your doctor before starting any fitness regimen. You can also read books or listen to calming music to lull you to sleep.

Also, relax and don’t stress about losing out on sleep at night. Enjoy short stints of sleep during the day to make up for lost sleep at night. Ensure your day time nap is short and sweet to refresh you and not to hamper your night-time snooze time! Use these hacks to enjoy quality sleep time at night.