Obstetrics & Gynaecology

On whose breasts Mankind is nurtured,
On whose laps civilizations are cradled,
On whose love, compassion and care
Families and societies are progressing,
To those women,
To those mothers,
We dedicate our Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ,
Extending holistic, modern and standard health care services
In all the phases of Women’s life, from adolescence through reproductive, pre, peri and postmenopausal periods
With an awareness that Human Health depends on integrated function of Body, Mind and soul, and
With the conviction that the Doctor should play the role of a friend, Philosopher and Guide to the Patient.
Our motto is Love, Bond and Serve

Our services:

Motherhood is a precious experience, a unique symbol of woman’ creative and caring ability.
Being a mother is learning about her strengths she didn’t know she had and dealing with her fears she didn’t know existed
To help the mother to carry on her successful journey of Pregnancy and delivery, we extend the following services.
Preconception counseling
Basic infertility services
Normal and High risk , pregnancy (Recurrent pregnancy loss, Ectopic pregnancy, PIH and Eclampsia, Diabetes, Cardiac disease, Antepartum hemorrhage-Abruptio & placenta previa, postpartum hemorrhage, Hypothyroidism, Negative Rhesus Typing, Multiple pregnancies, tumors complicating pregnancy etc.) services and treatments Relevant counseling about Diet, Exercise, Yoga &rest
Safe deliveries
Postnatal services & counseling: Diet, Exercise, Yoga, Family planning, New born care
Abortions- counseling& Treatments
Available surgeries: D&C; Cervical biopsy, cervical circlage, D&E, Cesarean section, Tubectomy, Diagnostic Lap surgeries
Menstrual Problems: Primary and secondary amenorrhoea, Irregular periods, Menorrhagia, poly menorrhagia and Metrorrhagia, Dysmenoorrhoea, PMS Etc
Ovarian and para ovarian Cysts and solid tumors
Uterine fibroids
Prolapse Uterus
Cancers- cervical, uterine, ovarian
Available services & surgeries
USG, CT, Lab tests,
Screening tests for Malignancy-Biopsy, Blood tests
Medical treatment
Laparotomy, Total Hysterectomy-open and Lap, Open and Lap surgeries for Para ovarian, & Ovarian Cysts and solid ovarian tumors
Vaginal surgeries-Hysterectomy, Manchester operation, Posterior colpo perineorrhaphy
UroGynaecological surgeries for Stress urinary incontinence
Breast – Clinical examination, USG and surgeries for benign lesions
Adolescent friendly Health Clinic
Delayed menarche,Irregular, Delayed, Preponed Menstrual Cycles, excessive and/or prolonged menstrual flow
Breast, uterine and ovarian tumors
Emotional and behavioral problems
Services available:
Counseling: Diet, exercise, analysis of Emotional and behavioral problems
Tests: Blood tests, USG , CT
Treatments: Medical and surgical
Menopause Clinic
Counseling for prevention of post menopausal gynaec & Medical problems, diet, exercise, rest, physical and mental relaxation
Screenings for early detection of post menopausal gynaec problems, malignancies, bone density test etc. and treatment

Gynaecology Blogs

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