An Overview on 3rd Wave of COVID

An Overview on 3rd Wave of COVID

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An Overview on 3rd Wave of COVID

Covid-19 cases are steadily declining and therefore, the states are embracing unlocking. But, a possible third wave has entered in scientific and public discourse. If a third wave of the pandemic hits India then its impact will basically depend on the vaccination coverage.

At this point of time, it has become very important to undergo vaccination. Although, vaccination does not ensure that you may not be infected with corona and, therefore many people are even wondering about whether can you get COVID-19 more than once? Yet vaccination should not be ignored because it is the only way to protect you from the fatal coronavirus disease.

Is there a Third Wave of COVID Coming in India?

Let’s Have a Look at the Recent Projections of 3rd Wave of COVID:-

    • Third wave of COVID may hit in October. According to an opinion survey of 40 healthcare specialists, scientists, virologists, etc. from around the world, there are certain views about the third wave of COVID that may hit the country by October such as, the third wave will be controlled in a better way as many people will be vaccinated by then. Also, the number of coronavirus cases will be much less than what India witnessed in the Second wave of Corona.


  • Third wave of COVID may not affect children more than adults. According to the World Health Organization and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the possible third wave may not affect in any disproportionate way. This finding is based on a seroprevalence study done in five states that was conducted on a sample size of 10,000. As per the study, the Covid-19 seroprevalence in the age group below 18 is 55.7 percent and in the age group above 18, it is 63.5 percent.It is also said that the children will not be excessively affected in the third wave, as it was projected. This is because they also have the same level of antibody. Additionally, a large number of people have developed resistance against COVID -19.
  • Third wave of COVID may be more dangerous for MaharashtraRegarding the anticipated third wave, the Maharashtra government’s task force has some different projections. It projects a more dangerous peak in the state due to the Delta Plus variant. According to the government statistics, the number of active COVID cases could go up to 8 lakhs during the peak. Also, about 10 percent of the active cases are likely to be children.

What is the New Variant of COVID- 19 from India?

The new COVID-19 variant known as Delta, first identified in India, is becoming the dominant variant of the disease worldwide. According to the studies, Delta is around 60% more transmissible than Alpha, the variant that was first identified in the U.K.

Summing up:-

The possibility of a third wave is scary for people as of now. However, since the vaccination drive is going on, therefore, it seems within a period of time most people will be completely vaccinated. Therefore, people do not need to be worried much about it. But, it is very important to follow all the essential safety coronavirus protocols to minimize the chances of getting infected with COVID.

For further information regarding COVID, you must get in touch with a suitable medical professional.

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