Our Vision

To dedicate ourselves to lead and become a benchmark for providing holistic, perfect and evidence based health services with care compassion, commitment and conviction.

Our Mission

To Address the aspirations of the society for quality health and well being, as at the centre for excellence in providing world class health care services through advanced technology proactive wellness education and outreach.

Quality Policy

To facilitate smooth provision of health care with utmost precision, empathy, focus on the value of life and dignity of the individual, incorporating ethical and safe practices.

Our Hospital

To dedicate ourselves to lead and become a benchmark for providing holistic,

Sri Sri Holistic is a leading multi specialty Hospital in Hyderabad. We believe in patient satisfaction with commitment towards excellence and guarantee a ‘Better Life for Everyone’.

It is our responsibility to cure every patient who comes to us. Therefore, we aim to provide holistic treatments as an alternative for our patients, with long lasting results.

It is our belief in this philosophy that led us to take the steps towards creating an all encompassing Holistic care facility – one that not only cures the symptoms through advanced medical treatments from the frontiers of science but also provides the compassion and methods to heal the ‘dis-ease’ that lies at the heart of all medical issues. Not an easy task in a world of skeptics but our collective experience as cutting edge allopathic doctors has shown us otherwise. It also helps that the entire medical fraternity today acknowledges that stress is the number one killer, in the world as we know it.

Diseases due to change in lifestyle

The brunt of unnatural stress most of us face in day to day life stems from the ‘fight or flight response inbuilt in the human body and psyche. This response triggers several bio chemicals in the human system in order to give the body a boost to fight a stressful situation but it also releases certain chemicals which are harmful when released frequently or on a continual basis. The hectic pace of life in modern times has created situations wherein the same fight or flight response which used to be triggered once in a while in earlier times is now triggered on a daily basis in most people – Be it through the frustration of a traffic jam or road rage, in a professional or political environment, in our personal lives, our world has become a vicious cycle of stress triggers and the corresponding harm set in motion from the bio chemicals generated in such situations.

At Holistic we try to combat disease with medical intervention and heal stress with an oasis of peace and harmony. While our patients are administered allopathic cures, we also have spaces of holistic healing as Meditation centres and support groups where people come together to provide something that is essential to healing mind and body – the human touch. From the moment the patient walks in for the very first time; be it the ambience of peace and calm, the real interactions with medical doctors, the quick and accurate diagnosis, the technology-driven treatment, in collaboration with scientific stress relieving methods – yoga, meditation and breathing spaces, Holistic goes the distance to deliver care with a human touch.

Who We are

We are a super specialty hospital that delivers world class care, meeting the highest international standards. Our team consists of a group of fifteen like-minded super specialists. We believe that, in putting the needs of our patients first, offering the latest treatment techniques available while maintaining a level of compassion along with additional alternative healing methods, we are providing an unmatched service set in a Hospital that is designed first and foremost to provide ease and comfort for our patients and their families.


Holistic Hospital is a state-of-the-art super specialty hospital that not only treats illness with modern medicine and advanced medical technology in surgery and medical subspecialties but also encourages patients to opt for and lead a balanced life. Unlike most systems, allopathic or otherwise, which purely treat symptoms, Holistic believes in going to the heart of the matter and treating the cause. The Sri Sri Holistic Hospital is a unique facility that combines state of the art allopathic treatments with authentic Ayurveda and proven yoga techniques. The emphasis is on prevention of disease and promoting health as a state of positive physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing.

“The hospital is promoted by a group of super-specialist doctors who are experts in their fields and have moved in full time here to provide 24/7 availability of these services. Top of the line OT’s and Equipment”

Holistic Hospitals not only has world class super-specialists but also has State-of-the-Art Operation Theatres and cutting Edge Equipment that make it the right choice for patients desiring super-specialist intervention. A few are listed below;

  •  5 state of the theatres with laminar flow and 2 C-Arms.
  • Siemens flat panel Cath lab
  • Joint replacement Computerized Navigation
  • Advanced Lab equipment
  • Advanced Energy Equipment
  • Harmonic, En seal, organic Plasma Coagulation, Advanced Monopolar and Bipolar
  • Carl Zeiss operating Ophthalmic Microscope
  • OCT – Optical Coherence Tomograph

Holistic provides its patients with state-of-the-art Ambulance Services. In one call, the Emergency service is put in action and patients are transported with the best on-board medical facilities that can be a life saver in critical conditions where every second counts. In such situation treatment commences en-route.


Holistic Hospitals is located at Kukatpally in Hyderabad. Its close proximity to the fast emerging IT Hub at Hitech City and Financial District at Gachibowli apart from a host of internationally reputed commercial institutions gives it the convenience of a prime location.


Holistic Hospital provides the perfect base for people and patients suffering from similar afflictions to come together, encourage and support each other in forums guided and supervised by Super-specialists. Some of the popular patient forums at Holistic are:

  • Diabetic Support Group
  • Cancer Support Group
  • Cardiac Support Group
  • Surgical Support Group

Counseling is provided by the Holistic Medical Team for patients for recovery from surgical intervention and chronic afflictions. They are also encouraged to join support groups.


A complete one-stop pharmacy for all patient needs is an additional benefit for the comfort of patients, attendants and visitors to Holistic.


When it comes to healthcare expenditures, there are usually a lot of contingencies and unplanned billing procedures that tend to baffle you. At Holistic Hospitals, you will find complete transparency in all our billing systems, avoiding last minute surprises.


This unique restaurant provides a cuisine meant for wellness and has a variety of dishes on the menu that are not only mouth watering but also balanced as per Ayurvedic tenets. The Restaurant also offers patients & visitors Ayurveda Cooking Classes from time to time to enable people to adapt to healthier eating habits. The recipes are taken from ancient Ayurveda and are made to provide a wholesome goodness while simultaneously satisfying the palate.


A one stop store for all your Ayurveda requirements. This store provides a comprehensive list of ingredients, herbs and powders required for Ayurvedic cuisine. It also provides Ayurveda wellness remedies among other things.